Thursday, 3 April 2014

D - Dear 16 year old self. . .

Friday 4th April 2014

Dear 16 year old self,

First off, i'd like to thank you for arriving safely at 20 years of age. No easy feat!

You should be proud of the decisions you made at 16. When everyone else decided they wanted to go out to underage drink and begin smoking, you said no. You stuck to yourself with respect and dignity. For this you got bullied... I'm sorry you went through that, but í'm glad you didn't give in. It has made you so much stronger in yourself.

I'm sorry your sea monkeys died... They were pretty awesome. Maybe we can get some more and actually feed them properly this time.

You probably shouldn't have dated in highschool but you had to find that out for yourself... I'm sorry your 2 year relationship with that boy didn't work out. I'm glad you ended it. You weren't happy. Now you're with another man whom you will soon call your husband. He's perfect for you. Thankyou for choosing him. 

No. Curling irons do not work.

Thankyou for learning how to make bracelets. It has really helped 20 year old us with anxiety :)

Thankyou for completely surrendering to God that night. You made that relationship with Him stronger and I am so grateful to you.

Don't worry about those girls. I can see them now and you are doing things way beyond them. You are more successful and you are beginning to see how beautiful you are. Don't compare yourself.

You truly are a lover of Converse. We have many pairs now. Thanks for keeping them all! I'd be so sad now if any of them had been thrown out.

Your name is beautiful. You experimented way too much trying to find the perfect name for yourself. Shonae is it.

How many times did you want to change your room around? And what was with the teddy bear blinds with the heavy metal wall posters? Come on. One or the other.

You haven't become a famous singer, but singing is your gift. You don't need a produced album or music awards to know that. Keep singing, little song bird.

I am SO HAPPY you didn't stick to your first tattoo idea. Everyone has the 'fly away' feathers now. You planned further and picked a beautiful first tattoo when you turned 19. Thankyou for not putting us through the first idea... I like this one better. You will too.

At 20 years of age, you still find that double rainbow exciting.

Right now you may feel dirty and disgusting. Don't feel that way. You had to learn for yourself. And at 20 you have discovered a renewance in Christ. You are pure again.

Your love of Pandas is still with us. Thankyou for that. It gave us the most amazing 18th birthday of meeting real pandas. You will love it!

Thank goodness your writing got bigger... I found an old piece of science notes from your 11th grade classes... I could not even read it. How you managed to i'll never know.

Your mindset will get better. You will no longer be the 'depressed' girl. You are so happy now!

Thankyou for being brave and deciding to go to Southern Cross Kid's Camp. You discovered our passion for speaking into the lives of children from the loving heart of God. You will never look back.

Talk to Mum. She will be your absolute rock in a few years.

You have so many friends now! Don't worry about those other 16 year olds. They don't deserve your loyalty. You have friends now from all different age groups who love God and love you. Just wait. You'll see what I mean.

Please never shave your eyebrows again. It's not a good look.

You should experiment with girl clothes. They aren't that bad. You don't always have to wear boy clothes.
And thankyou for introducing yourself to clothes with colour. Black isn't the best colour on you. Colour brings out your eyes and you look beautiful.

You honestly won't miss highschool, but you certainly will miss your highschool art class. Stick with it. You will cherish it. You still can't draw very well, but it really clears your head. Keep going.

You really need to learn how to take better selfies...

Don't bother dieting. It makes you unhappy and you're not fat. Eventually you will add cucumber to your diet and decide you like to go for long walks. You are only 56 Kilos! Don't stress!

No. You won't be best friends forever with that person.. or that one... or that one... and definately not that one.

Your bunny is still your world. Cherish her. She's getting older now.

Don't get frustrated with Dad for asking you about your life and how school was ect. He is just making conversation and in a few years he won't be around to ask you those frustrating and seemingly annoying questions. Answer him. Those last big conversations you've had with him have been the best. You will feel absolutely distraught if you don't have those chats with him. Give him a big hug too. Lots of them.

Your job at the icecream shop sucks. Just quit.

You will be happy with your hair one day. Just give it time.

Everyone in your family loves you. Remember that.

Don't give up. You will overcome everything that has happened to you. You will be stronger, happier and will find out who you are meant to be in the plans God has for you. Remember Jeremiah 29:11. It will help you.

Love, You (20 years)

Your Starfish Story is still being written.  . . Have faith


  1. wow, Its a beautiful letter to yourself, Keep singing little song bird
    Thanks for the visit, Happy blogging.

  2. thankyou :) It was definately something I needed..

  3. Very sweet :) My screen may have been a little blurry there by the end *ahem*. I only wish 16 year old me would have listened to 28 year old me. Much heartache could have been avoided, huh? Ah, well I learn the hard way anyhow. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    1. I have re-read this blog over and over and I cry each time...

      I think it's incredibly therapeutic if you can write a letter like this yourself :)