Wednesday, 23 April 2014

M - My day job vs. my passions

I am a preschool teacher. This is my profession of choice. I love what I do, but each career has it's pros and cons. This is a short post to put my job into perspective and encourage you to do the same...

My job is to change nappies...

My passion is to talk to the child during this process. My aim is for them to smile.

My job is to prepare food for the children.

My passion is to provide children with nutrients so they have energy to get through their very long days; longer than my work day.

My job is to provide First Aid to children with injuries.

My passion is to comfort the child emotionally whilst I administer the bandaid, ice pack or bandage.

My job is to write observations on the children's learning and interactions.

My passion is to provide experiences for children that provide extensions of their individual interests. This also includes noticing any areas of concern that the child needs support and nurturing.

My job is to be a part of ratios and staffing,

My passion is to work as a valued team member, look out for other staff and make sure children are safe and taken care of.

My job is talk to parents about their children.

My passion is to create partnerships with families and work together in the best interests for their children.

My job is to teach.

My passion is to put positive input into the lives of young children. It is to provide them with the rare blessing of education and provide a window to see themselves as talented. Curious. Intelligent. Kind. Beautiful. Future leaders.

My passion is to created a postive start for children in their lives. 

My passion, is children and the value of what they will do with their lives.

What is your job?

What are your passions?

Your Starfish Story is still being written. . . Have faith

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