Wednesday, 23 April 2014

O - Overcoming Dad's Death

On the 21st December I lost someone very special to me. Someone who young ladies need in their lives. My Dad.

Due to a condition called Pancreatitis, I lost my Dad way sooner than I should have.

But blessed I am, because I was born into the strongest family this world has ever seen.

My family; my mum, my 5 siblings and our spouses were called to the hospital. We were told Dad was not going to make the night due to severe problems with his pancreas and we were asked to say goodbye to Dad.

I had held it together through the night as we waited for his "sleep" to settle. I had decided not to go see him on his hospital bed as he was unconscious and I did not want to see him that way.

Before I knew it, I was running to his bed. I told him I loved him and cried the hardest I've ever cried in my life.

He taught me so many things. I have his eyes. His stubbornness. His sense of humour. His passion for people. He created friends wherever he went, which he held for life. He taught me that one chocolate is never enough, especially before dinner and late at night. He showed me the world of cars and taught me how to cook a mean BBQ. He taught me how to drive and never once criticised me on how I was going, despite his hand placed firmly on the handbrake ready to halt the car. I love you, Dad. 
"I love you too, you know that". 

My dad wasn't an amazing man. He IS an amazing man.

Take heart if you have lost a loved one. It's not the last of them. They are still around. Still supporting you, and still deeply love you.

Your Starfish Story is still being written. . . Have faith

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