Wednesday, 23 April 2014

L - Listening to God

It is so easy to have a conversation with someone. They talk, you listen, you talk, they listen. One of the most simple processes we have as human beings.. but when it comes to listening to God..This can be incredibly hard.

The voice of God is a common concept that is found in the testimonies of Christians all over the world. His voice can be heard audibly, through others, through experiences and through written word.

But how do we know. . . What is it about the voice of God that is recognisable...

The enemy (Satan) can take on the voice of God. He is able to manipulate his own voice that can sound so appealing to the human ear, mind and heart. But God's can only be heard by those who listen carefully. If you are not listening carefully,  you're probably hearing
the wrong voice.

Too many times I have followed the instruction of voices th I believe were right. And too many times these voices have destroyed me.

So how do we know what voice is what? Our hearts.

When you feel like you're being given a sign or instruction, process before taking action.

Is  this going to hurt me or others badly?

Does this line up with God's word?

Have I heard this before? What happened last time?

What is the source? Is this trustworthy?

I encourage you to listen. Open your hearts, and hear what God has to say to you.

Your Starfish Story is still being written. . . Have faith

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