Friday, 4 April 2014

E - Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

Saturday 5th April 2014

Sporting games are all naturally about power, strategy, planning and skill. They require stamina, determination and coordination. But I believe the most important thing about team sports is just that; teamwork.
Generally, before, during and after a game, team members will converse together. They will discuss their plan and generally place people strategically in positions that are fitting for their strengths. The team works well together, the team wins, all are happy and we all go out for pizza together. The end.

But what people tend to forget is those days the team is struggling. The games that the team loses. The day where a team mate cops an injury or just isn't feeling 100% confident in their position.

Not all teams are 100% perfect. In fact, none are. There are battles, arguments, disagreements. If one member has limited faith or trust in the team, then this can cause the entire team to falter and lose.

These are the times we need the encouragement. Those team mates and crowd members who yell "Come on! You can do it! Go, I believe you can". But that isn't the end of it. Some team mates and crowd members who come along-side the struggling player and say "Here, take my hand. I'll run with you. We are in this together."

We all know i'm not literally talking sports here. I for one am the most unsporty person in the world... so.. what am I talking about?


EVERYONE in life has needed and will need support and guidance from another person at some point in their life. Wether they need the verbal encouragement from the sidelines or someone to physically take their hands and be guided through the trials, EVERYONE needs it.

The difference is... Life is continual. It is not a 5K run or even a 30K triathalon. It is the longest journey you will ever face.

It is time to get alongside someone. A side-line support and physical guide are both as important as eachother. But I encourage you... Take someone's hand. Be their guide. You never know who you can save from falling.

Your Starfish Story is still being written. . . Have faith


  1. We never know how a random word of encouragement can change someone's day, or even their life. Good post! - Fawn

  2. Yeah.... everyone needs guidance at some point in life, even big ships needs the help of anchor to hold near the shore.....

  3. AMEN and AMEN!! I am a lover of sports (as a spectator) and your analogy is spot on. It's why most sports have "cheerleaders" on the sidelines. They serve to cheer on their team and to keep the fans in the stands doing the same. Thanks for a great post.

    "Livin' Out Loud 4 Jesus at

  4. What a sweet post and nice reminder to all.