Saturday, 19 April 2014

K - Kaintophobia: When change becomes difficult

Kaintophobia: The Fear of Change

I fear change. Change can be as simple as a new date due for an assignement  or as drastic as a death in the family. Regardless, I hate change.

Change can be scary for many people.  It can cause stress, confusion, misunderstanding and concern...

What I have recently learnt is, change produces growth. If nothing changed, not only would life be dull,  we would not grow. 

Change is a common occurrence in my life. I have never had a long friendship with someone. This always changes.

As a teenager, I dated many boys, so my relationships were always changing.

I changed schools multiple times.

I changed religion multiple times. 

My name has changed multiple times, because I hated everyone misspelling my real one.

Change is scary, because I have always allowed it to control my life.

But this has led me to a great life.

I adore my name.  I have a best friend. I am in a committed relationship.  And the one thing that will never change is God's love for me.

Change can be good. Look for the growth.

Your Starfish Story is still being written.  . . Have faith


  1. Change is not's terrifying. Good for you that, despite any misgivings, you've had and embraced a lot of it. And have the life you want.

  2. Sometimes I think the anticipation of change is almost the hardest part of it. Change can be scary to deal with but I find that in the end it is what helps us to grow and change.
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