Thursday, 24 April 2014

U - Using blessings to bless others

My blessings:

A car

Access to finances

Ability to work

Australian citizenship

No disabilities/having overall health
Access to education

Freedom to practice Christianity

A supportive family

A house


Access to food and water

Being a 21st century female

How I use them to bless others:

Providing lifts to others who do not have access to a car 

Putting into the money offering at church/helping my mum by paying my own insurance and phone/buying needed things for others such as food.

Using my physical abilities to support others who don't.

Teaching others.

Telling others about Christ and providing bible verses and Godly encouragements for those who are hurting / serving in multiple children's ministries

Supporting others just as I've been supported my whole life.

Providing a safe place for those to come to when it is needed; a blessed house.

Passing clothes on to others who have none or little.

Sharing my access to food and water with others in the sense of hospitality.

Encouraging other young girls and women to hold themselves in strength in dignity in a world where women used to not have either...

I encourage you to look at your own blessings and evaluate how you could use them to bless others.

Your Starfish Story is still being written. . . Have faith

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