Saturday, 19 April 2014

J - Joys of being an introvert

I struggle with social anxiety. I tense when I meet new people, and try to avoid this if possible. I worry about little things;

"Will they like me?"

"What should I say? "

"I don't look good today they are going to think I look like this all the time! "

"They will ask me questions.. I stutter when I'm nervous..."

"Aaaand that was the worst first impression ever...."

I am an introvert.

But I am blessed to be.

I may not be able to hold hours of conversation, but I will notice your new haircut when no one else did.

I may not light up the room when I smile, but I notice when you are sitting alone, and I'll join you.

I may not tell the best jokes, but I am a very good listener.

I may not engage in crazy antics like jumping off the roof into a pool, but I know when to support you when you get hurt.

The joys of being an introvert is knowing when someone needs a hug. Because I am not loud and talkative,  I am able to notice the hurting and those needing a shoulder and an ear.

I love being an introvert.

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  1. I too am an introvert but I am not shy. Not very. The big thing for me is that I recharge my batteries when I am alone. I like people but I find them draining.